“Media multitasking is becoming more prevalent in our lives today and there is increasing concern about its impacts on our cognition and social-emotional well-being,” Sussex neuroscientist Kep lee Loh said. “Our study was the first to reveal links between media multitasking and brain structure.” Loh says that more study is required to determine if the brain is changing behavior or if behavior is…

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Phone Security info ##1

Phone Security info ##1

1. ………………although both Apple and Google must give out cloud storage data upon request (from FBI)

2. Zdziarski says that “this was a great start to better securing iOS 8, but not everything has been completely protected.”

3. He claims that services used by iTunes and XCode to exchange information between Apple mobile devices and computers or other handhelds while the Apple device is locked down,…

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NBC has recently predicted that in 2017, all of America will be tagged with microchips. They will be implanted to help identify individuals immediately. According to the report, the technology is used to answer one question, “Am I who I say I am?”



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On devices running iOS 8, your personal data such as photos, messages (including attachments), email, contacts, call history, iTunes content, notes, and reminders is placed under the protection of your passcode. Unlike our competitors, Apple cannot bypass your passcode and therefore cannot access this data. So it’s not technically feasible for us to respond to government warrants for…

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